The Best Reasons to Volunteer

What is Volunteering?

Are you wanting to donate to an organisation you’re passionate about, but don’t have any cash to spare? Don’t worry, donating your time can be just as helpful! Volunteering is an incredibly rewarding way to give back to your community and help those in need, without spending a cent! This Business Kitz blog will take you through everything you need to know about volunteering and how to get involved!

What is Volunteering?

Volunteering is the act of donating your time to an individual or organisation, without financial compensation. Many charities or non-for-profit organisations actively look for volunteers to either run or assist within the organisation. Volunteers in these roles are not paid, generally because all of the organisation’s profits go directly to their chosen cause. Many people who volunteer are drawn to the values of the organisation and its mission and hold a strong personal desire to make a difference and give back to society.

Why should I volunteer?

Volunteering is not only beneficial to the organisation, but can provide various benefits to the volunteer as well. Volunteering is largely based on giving back to the community, so volunteers have the opportunity to meet and connect people in their local area. It also great meeting other volunteers who share your same values. This will allow you to make new friends and increase your social and relationship-building skills. Volunteering is also a good way to keep healthy and happy. Volunteering has been proven to reduce stress and increase positivity by releasing dopamine, as a result of the sense of purpose and fulfilment that volunteering provides. 

Volunteering is also an excellent learning opportunity, which can offer career experience to those who may not be able to to gain internships or jobs in the relevant industry. For example, if you wanted to work with animals, you could volunteer at your local animal shelter, or zoo, where you would be able to interact with staff and learn skills first-hand. As a result of volunteering, opportunities for future job openings are common as your experience demonstrates your skills and passion within the organisation. This also looks great on a resume as it shows the initiative and passion for your relevant industry. 

What is the difference between Volunteering and Internships?

The main difference between these two roles is the intended purpose of the position. As a Volunteer, the unpaid work is conducted with the purpose of benefiting someone else. There is no legally binding contract that requires the volunteer to work any set hours, and therefore gives the volunteer the freedom to choose their frequency and level of involvement within the organisation. This means that volunteering can be a long-term commitment and is not bound to a certain time frame.

An internship, however, is work experience that is derived from a short-term formal agreement between the organisation and the intern. The intended purpose of an internship is to complete educational activities as part of a training course, with an intended outcome. 

How to Volunteer? 

There are volunteer opportunities constantly available across the entire country. By simply searching “volunteer opportunities near me” on google, there are a range of opportunities that will be displayed, in which you can narrow down into a certain industry. Another way to gain a valuable volunteer experience in your local community is by going to your local charity stores to volunteer as these stores are always looking for help. If you are looking for specific volunteering opportunities within the industry, we recommend contacting an organisation you would like to volunteer at and express your interest. Many companies are always interested in recruiting volunteers as it is beneficial to them to have extra assistance. 

Are you an organisation looking for Volunteers?

By simply uploading your role to a website such as SEEK Volunteer, people will be able to see your listing and apply. Managing volunteers can be time-consuming and difficult to organise, so we recommend using our Business Kitz Volunteer Form and Engagement T&Cs Template , as this will allow you to organise all your volunteer details in one space, and provide your volunteers with their relevant role descriptions. 

Legal Advice

If you have any questions around the legal requirements around volunteering, or the legal difference between volunteering and paid work, our sister company, Legal Kitz‘ are here to help! Our business specialists can assist with ensuring that your matter is as time and cost efficient as possible. We provide a FREE 30-minute consultation to set you in the right legal direction. Click here to book a FREE consultation with one of our highly experienced solicitors today or contact us at or by calling 1300 988 954.

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