Unpaid Internship Deed Template


Does your business engage unpaid interns? Purchase a comprehensive and ready-to-use Unpaid Internship Deed Template to manage unpaid workers completing an internship period.

The Unpaid Internship Deed Template will be emailed to you in Microsoft Word format so you can utilise the template now and in the future.

Our Unpaid Internship Deed includes an introductory template letter that covers off on:
  1. The nature of the engagement
  2. How the deed should be executed
  3. Housekeeping etc
  4. An editable schedule with detailed instructions that you can amend (to suit your business) to covers off on:
  5. Start and end dates
  6. Location of work
  7. Days and hours of work
  8. Lines of reporting
  9. Position summary
  10. Defined tasks and training items
  11. Competencies and experience required
  12. Certificates required
  13. Terms and conditions that you can amend that cover off on:
  14. Summary of internship
  15. Term of the internship
  16. Nature of the internship
  17. Intern’s obligations and acknowledgements
  18. Termination of the internship
  19. Applicable insurances and exemptions
  20. Indemnity
  21. Policies and procedures
  22. Professionalism
  23. Standards
  24. General legal protections

The Unpaid Internship Deed Template is sometimes called Unpaid internship agreement or unpaid internship contract.

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