Master Services Agreement Template (software and digital products)

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The Master Service Agreement Template provides a framework for businesses that offer website, software services or digital products to engage their clients.

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    High-quality and cost-effective Master Services Agreement template.
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    Addresses key commercial risks for software and digital product development.
After recently opening my own company, I purchased a services agreement and other business starter documents from Business Kitz. These documents were all of a very high quality and easy to follow which made the beginning stages of my business very easy to manage. This allowed me to focus on growing my business rather than wasting valuable time on administrative compliance. I feel this is the best business decision I made at the beginning of my new company. I am very thankful for Business Kitz support. Michael Syna
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IMPORTANT NOTICE: While you are purchasing a very comprehensive Australian template, it is important to understand that the purchasing of this template is not considered legal advice. If you require legal advice and support utilising this template, or if you have other questions, you can book a free 15 minute consultation with a team member from our associated law firm Legal Kitz.


Each Business Kitz resource contains comprehensive guidance notes as well as helpful suggestions to assist you with populating the document.

Our Master Service Agreement Template includes an introductory template letter that covers:

  • The nature of the engagement
  • How the agreement should be executed

An editable schedule with detailed instructions that you can amend (to suit your business) that covers:

  1. Start and end dates
  2. Service provider
  3. Client
  4. Service fees
  5. Invoicing details
  6. Payment details
  7. Jurisdiction

Terms and conditions that you can amend that covers:

  1. Appointment
  2. Term
  3. Services
  4. Support services and excluded support services
  5. Delays
  6. Fees and expenses
  7. Invoicing and payments
  8. Client obligations and rights
  9. Intellectual property and assignment
  10. Third-party materials
  11. Client data
  12. Privacy
  13. Confidentiality
  14. Media release
  15. Acceptance testing
  16. Incorporation of other terms
  17. Hosting software
  18. Limitation of liability
  19. Indemnity
  20. No guarantees or warranties
  21. Disputes
  22. Termination
  23. Restraints
  24. Authority to purchase third party products and services
  25. Right to sub-contract
  26. Assignment
  27. General legal protections

The Master Services Agreement Template also includes two annexures:

  • Annexure 1 which defines the statement of works to be completed; and
  • Annexure 2 which defines what support services you will offer your client.

Why does your business need a Master Services Agreement Template (software and digital products)?

Master Service Agreement is an agreement made between two or more parties in which they both agree to most of the terms used to govern any future agreements or future transactions. Master Services Agreements are predominantly utilised by website developers, software developers or sellers of other digital product where on-going services are likely.

They set out standard terms that deal with  clear definitions of the scope of services, the term of the services, intellectual property ownership and confidentiality.

Master Service Agreements are important for businesses that provide a range of services and would like to standardise their terms and conditions for easy use, particularly with recurring clients.

For service providers (website, software developers or digital product providers), Master Services Agreements protect the payment of their fees and their liability.

For customers, a comprehensive Master Services Agreement will predominantly protect your intellectual property, assist you to manage the service provider’s fees and allow you to clearly understand the service you can expect and not expect.

Business Kitz Master Services Agreement Template is a very comprehensive agreement and covers many facets of the relationship that need to be considered from both the customer and service provider’s perspective.

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