Human Resources Package: Complete


This package includes a complete collection of the human resources tools you need to operate a business in Australia. The Human Resources Complete Package includes the following:

  • 3 x Employment Agreements/Contractors Agreements
  • 10 x policies
  • Termination Kit
  • Underperformance Kit
  • Induction Checklist
  • New Employee Forms
  • Organisational Manual
  • Recruitment Kit

Our Human Resources Package: Complete includes complete collection of the human resource tools you need to succesfully operate a business in Australia. Each Business Kitz resource contains comprehensive Guidance Notes as well as helpful suggestions to assist you with populating the document.

This package includes the following items:

1. 3 x Employment Agreements or Contractor Agreements ($RRP $450 each)

  • Essential document to have in place when hiring employees or engaging contractors in Australia
  • Once purchased, you will be able to select your desired type of Employment Agreement or Contractor Agreement

2. 10 x Policies

  • Choose from a large range of policy templates to assist your business

3. Induction Checklist

  • A comprehensive checklist which covers off everything supervisors and employees should address in the induction period (includes reference to compulsory Australian documents and procedures).

4. New Employee Forms

  • Employee Details Form
    Fair Work Information Statement
    Super Choice Form
    Tax File Number Declaration From

5. Organisational Manual

  • A great way to manage employees and set expectations from the very start.

6. Recruitment Kit (RRP $1,500)

  • Recruitment and Selection Policy (to assist businesses to govern the employee recruitment and selection process)
  • Recruitment and Selection Procedures (this document sets out a detailed process for managing recruitment and selection within a business)
  • Position Description Template (to be used to assist businesses to easily create a comprehensive job position description to be used on Seek etc)
  • Approval to Recruit Staff Form (to ensure the hiring process is well managed, and the business has thought-out details such as required budget to take on a new employees etc.)
  • Job Interview Questions and Comments Form (suggested and recommended interview questions and usable form to be used when interviewing candidates)
  • Referee Report Template (comprehensive referee report template, including suggested questions to ask referees)
  • Notice to Unsuccessful Applicants (email template notifying unsuccessful applicants)

7. Underperformance Kit

  • Managing Underperformance Initial Steps and Checklist
  • Managing Underperformance Formal Steps Checklist
  • Underperformance Meeting Plan
  • Performance Improvement Plan
  • First Warning Letter
  • Final Warning Letter

8. Termination Kit

  • Ending Employment Factsheet
  • Termination of Employment Letter Template
  • Termination of Employment Letter Template Serious Misconduct
  • Termination of Employment Letter Template Redundancy
  • Employee Confirmation of Deletion of Confidential Information