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Every organisation should have a confidentiality policy to guide employees on how they should conduct themselves and uphold their confidential obligations.

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This Confidentiality Policy template provides a comprehensive and fully functioning guidelines and procedures for your employees to understand the expectations around their behaviour towards confidential information.

This Confidentiality Policy Template includes:

  • A general overview including scope, application and purpose of the policy
  • Defining Confidential Information
  • Non-disclosure of Confidential Information
  • Permitted use of Confidential Information
  • Storage of Confidential Information
  • End of Employment
  • Organization policies and procedures

A Confidentiality Policy should be utilised by your business to assist in the protection of your businesses personal IP and the personal information of customers.

A Confidentiality Policy is different to a Privacy Policy. While a Privacy Policy provides information to employees and customers about how your business handles their personal information, a Confidentiality Policy is provided to employees to ensure that they handle the business’ personal information, IP and customer information correctly and respectfully.

A Confidentiality Policy is typically given to employees, contractors, third party organisations, or any other party your business engages in order to encourage integrity in the distribution and utilisation of any personal information these parties receive. Providing employees with a confidentiality policy also lets them know their responsibilities and obligations when handling personal information.

Implementing a Confidentiality Policy assists your business to decrease the risk of information links or unauthorised information distribution which could result in negative outcomes for your business and sets out procedures, guidelines and consequences for staff in circumstances where confidentiality is breached.

Implementing a Confidentiality Policy can also assist in decreasing and can limit the liability of your business should personal or identifying information be leaked by employees or other parties given access to the information.

If your business wants to increase protection for your business IP, employee information and client information and other key protections, we suggest you purchase Business Kitz Confidentiality Policy.

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