Australian Employee Compliance Package: Complete

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The Business Kitz Complete Human Resource Library not only provides you with all the legal and business documents required to meet Australian business standards, but also educates and guides you with checklists, fact sheets and step by step procedures to aid with Fair Work compliance. As mentioned, this has been a very effective solution for many clients in a similar industry as our documents (especially on-boarding documents and checklists) are very comprehensive and will assist you greatly.

  • Customisable
    Clear and comprehensive guidance notes.
  • Recruitment to termination
    Every document template required to manage your employees.
  • Fair Work compliant
    Regularly updated by our compliance team.
  • Complete library
    Comprehensive library of agreements templates, policies and detailed checklists to manage your employees.
After recently opening my own company, I purchased a services agreement and other business starter documents from Business Kitz. These documents were all of a very high quality and easy to follow which made the beginning stages of my business very easy to manage. This allowed me to focus on growing my business rather than wasting valuable time on administrative compliance. I feel this is the best business decision I made at the beginning of my new company. I am very thankful for Business Kitz support. Michael Syna
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IMPORTANT NOTICE: While you are purchasing a very comprehensive Australian template, it is important to understand that the purchasing of this template is not considered legal advice. If you require legal advice and support utilising this template, or if you have other questions, you can book a free 15 minute consultation with a team member from our associated law firm Legal Kitz.


The Complete Human Resource Library includes over 60 detailed and comprehensive documents supporting your business from Recruitment > Termination (there is a document for every step of any employee’s employment to help guide you to manage your Australian employee); helping your business save considerable funds and aiding in compliance.

From approving employee leave to performance management and termination, the Business Kitz Complete Human Resource Library will assist you when tackling workplace matters.

This package includes the following templates:

  1. Casual Employment Agreement
  2. Part-Time Employment Agreement
  3. Full-Time-Employment Agreement
  4. Policies and procedures including:
    1. Policy and Procedure confirmation
    2. Code of Conduct
    3. Workplace Privacy
    4. Confidentiality
    5. Use of Social Media
    6. Use of Internet and Email
    7. Information Technology Equipment and Telephone
    8. Workplace Health and Safety
    9. Recruitment and Selection
    10. Induction
    11. Probation
    12. Performance review
    13. Disciplinary
    14. Dress Code
    15. Grievance
    16. Staff Leve
    17. Personal Motor Vehicle Use
    18. Use of Company Vehicle
    19. Equal Opportunity and Discrimination
    20. Environmental
    21. Conflict of interest
  5. Recruitment Kit
    1. Approval to Recruit Staff Form
    2. Position Description
    3. Job Advertisements
    4. Job Interview Questions
    5. Referee Report
    6. Unsuccessful Applicants
  6. Internship Kit
    1. Intern folders
    2. Internship Checklist
    3. Unpaid Internship Deed Template
    4. Internship Manual and Program
    5. Internship Feedback Form + Supervisor Assessment
    6. Internship Confirmation of Deletion of Confidential Information
  7. New Employee Kit
    1. Organisational Employee Manual
    2. Employee Details Form
    3. Fair Work information Statement
    4. Super Choice Form
    5. TFN Declaration
  8. Induction Kit
    1. New Staff Induction Checklist for New Staff
    2. New Staff Induction Checklist for Supervisors
    3. Policy and Procedure Confirmation
  9. Employee Management Forms and Documents
    1. Timesheet
    2. Agreement to Annual Leave in Advance
    3. Direction to Take Excessive Annual Leave
    4. Leave Request
    5. Leave Record
    6. Notice of Requirements to take annual leave for close down.
    7. Parental Leave Request
  10. Probation Kit
    1. Success Probation Letter
    2. Unsuccessful Probation Letter
  11. Performance Management Kit
    1. Performance Review Tool
    2. Performance Review Template
  12. Underperformance Management Kit
    1. Managing Underperformance Initial Steps Checklist
    2. Managing Underperformance Formal Steps Checklist
    3. Underperformance Meeting Plan
    4. Performance Improvement Plan
    5. First Warning Letter Template
    6. Final Warning Letter Template
    7. Employee meeting record Template
  13. Termination Kit
    1. Ending Employment Factsheet
    2. Termination of Employment Letter Template
    3. Termination of Employment Letter Template – Serious Misconduct
    4. Termination of Employment Letter Template – Redundancy
    5. Employee Confirmation of Deletion of Confidential Information
  14. Annualised Wage Arrangement Template
  15. Staff Files

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