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Business Forms and Documents


Business Kitz business forms and documents consider the needs of running a business in Australia not only legally but also in a professional commercial. As a result, Business Kitz has developed a range of high-quality business forms and documents that cover various areas and meet a number of business needs. Each form is very easy to use and is customisable via its comprehensive guidance notes that assist customers to fill out each document and each form and document also come with text in a yellow highlight that indicates where information is to be filled in.

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Create professional business documents with ease

Every business document you send, be it a proposal, an quotation or a report, represents your business. With our templates, you can create documents that are not just legally sound but also exude a professional aura. Each template allows for easy customisation, guiding you at every step. From new client forms contracts to invoices, ensure every detail is in place, reflecting the professionalism your clients and employees expect. Furthermore,  if you ever need to improve a document used frequently, our team is just an email away.

Elevate your business operations with our templates

Running your business smoothly requires a variety of business documents. Whether you're pitching a new business idea, proposing a payment agreement to a customer, or managing internal employment processes, our templates ensure you present your business in the best light. From business proposals to employee surveys, we've got you covered. Additionally for those in the HR industry, managing candidate interviews and employee's tasks becomes a breeze.

Service proposals that stand out

In today's competitive market, your proposal needs to stand out. Our Business Proposal Template is designed to help you make a lasting impression. Whether you're reaching out to potential clients or presenting a proposal internally, ensure it's compelling, detailed, and professional with Business Kitz. Additionally, if you're a freelance individual, our templates can be especially useful.

Employee and client management made simple

Managing employees and clients requires meticulous documentation. From employee contracts to client payment agreements, our templates provide a streamlined process to collect, file, and manage essential details. Protect your business and ensure every interaction, be it an interview or a simple contact, is documented with precision.

Financial documents for seamless operations

Stay compliant and organised with our range of financial templates. From detailed invoices with essential credentials like ABN/ACN to professional quotations, ensure your financial operations run seamlessly. With our templates, you'll keep your business running smoothly, aiding in your business’ success.

Specialised templates for niche services

For businesses like hair salons or natural therapists, we offer specialised templates. From client release forms to new client onboarding documents, our templates ensure you have the right paperwork in place. Protect your business and offer your range of top-notch services with our range of niche templates. Additionally, if you're in the coding or software industry, our range of templates tailored to you can be a lifesaver.

Why choose Business Kitz for your professional business forms?

Our commitment to quality, combined with our deep understanding of the Australian business environment, makes us the go-to choice for businesses across the country. From business templates to specialised forms, we offer a selection that caters to every type of business. Explore our range and ensure your business operations are always a step ahead. No matter whether you're just getting started or need to update an item, our team of experts are here to help you succeed.

How it works

1. Search

Search our comprehensive library of documents, select your template and download a copy.

2. Complete

Read any embedded guidance notes, complete the template as instructed and make any customised changes.

3. Sign and save

Sign and execute documents as instructed and save a copy. Intelligent digital signing and storage features coming soon.
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7+ years of happy customers

"The Business Kitz documents are so comprehensive and also easy-to-use. I'd recommend any Business Kitz product to any Australian business."
Jason Ryan
JJR Consulting, Melbourne
These documents were all of a very high quality and easy to follow which made the beginning stages of my business very easy to manage.
Michael Syna
Alchemenergy, Gold Coast
"You know Business Kitz agreements and documents are created by legal professionals. They are comprehensive, so you don’t have to worry about, or engage expensive lawyers which we have done in the past."
Matthew Pembroke
Pembroke Construction, Brisbane
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