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Employment policies, HR letters & forms provide a clear set of guidelines, expectations and procedures for employees across a wide range of topics that are relevant in any Australian workplace. These policies and procedures will advise staff on the ethical and behavioural standards they must comply with within the workplace and also provides procedures employees can follow in certain circumstances.

It is also imperative that a business’ employment policies, HR letters & forms are aligned with the National Employment Standards and the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) in order to minimise potential disputes and boost Fair Work compliance. Whether you are hiring your first employee or you have a number of staff and contractors working for your business, implementing up-to-date and robust policies and procedures will best set out and demonstrate the values and standards of your business to your workers, clients and service providers.

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Business Kitz’ highly skilled solicitors and human resource professionals have created a comprehensive suite of employment policies that should be implemented within your business alongside employment contract templates and hr letters and forms. For example, if your staff member is unsure if they are engaging in a conflict of interest or if they are unsure of the boundaries regarding the use of social media at work, the Business Kitz Conflict of Interest Policy Template and Use of Social Media Policy Template, respectively, can greatly assist.

Certain Business Kitz policies and procedures come with additional documentation. For example, the Use of Company Vehicle Policy and Procedure includes the policy itself, a Company Vehicle Acknowledgement and request form and a Company Vehicle Damage and Accident Report, so you can maintain diligent record-keeping for your business. Browse our wide range of employment and business policies and procedures templates today.

  • Easy to use
    Clear and comprehensive guidance notes.
  • Customisable
    Easily customisable template to suit your business operation needs.
  • Fair Work compliant
    Regularly updated by our compliance team.
  • Cost effective
    High-quality and cost-effective anti-bullying policy template.

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