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Business Document Templates


In the hustle of running your business, you're bound to make moves with partners, customers, suppliers – the whole crew.

But let's get real: you need more than a handshake. You need the kind of paperwork that lays it all out – the nitty-gritty, the do's and don'ts. Enter Business Kitz – your go-to spot for all things agreements, deeds, and business form templates. We're not messing around – our templates are crafted by top-tier legal minds, so you know you're covered.

Don't let unclear business forms or agreements be the source of headaches down the line. From dispute resolution to termination, we've got your back. Our templates are like the secret weapon your business needs – easy to use, no legal jargon, just straightforward protection.

And here's the kicker – it won't break the bank. Quality protection at a price that makes sense for businesses like yours. Get the business docs you need, done right, cheaply and instantly, with Business Kitz.

How it works

1. Search

Search our comprehensive library of documents, select your template and download a copy.

2. Complete

Read any embedded guidance notes, complete the template as instructed and make any customised changes.

3. Sign and save

Sign and execute documents as instructed and save a copy. Intelligent digital signing and storage features coming soon.
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7+ years of happy customers

"The Business Kitz documents are so comprehensive and also easy-to-use. I'd recommend any Business Kitz product to any Australian business."
Jason Ryan
JJR Consulting, Melbourne
These documents were all of a very high quality and easy to follow which made the beginning stages of my business very easy to manage.
Michael Syna
Alchemenergy, Gold Coast
"You know Business Kitz agreements and documents are created by legal professionals. They are comprehensive, so you don’t have to worry about, or engage expensive lawyers which we have done in the past."
Matthew Pembroke
Pembroke Construction, Brisbane
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