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Legally compliant and highly considered business policy templates are important for smooth management of the workplace and efficient business operations each day of the business. To assist businesses to reach their business management and legal compliance goals, Business Kitz has created simple, legally compliant and effective policy templates that will assist businesses with their organisational needs.

Business Kitz has an extensive suite of employment and business policies and procedure templates, that can be found here, that will set out the expectations, regulations and procedures of your business and for your staff. These employment and business templates linked above are also Fair Work and the National Employment Standards; aiding your business in meeting Australian business standards.

Whilst the employment templates are also considered business templates, below you will find the Business Kitz Privacy Policy Template. If your business is subject to the Australian Privacy Principles, you may require a Privacy Policy Template to be present on your website. A Privacy Policy outlines how your business handles personal information, how it may use that information, what may occur if the business is sold and other key information and procedures such as complaints.

Business Kitz has taken the difficulty out of wondering whether your business policy templates are aligned with the most up-to-date legislation as all of our documents have been drafted by highly skilled top-tier trained solicitors. With our easy-to-use layout and comprehensive guidance notes, it has never been easier to manage your business policy templates. Regardless of whether your business has contractors, a small team of employees or a large team, implementing high-quality policies and procedures in your business is essential. Browse our wide range of employment and business policies and procedures templates today.