Business Bundles - Business Proposal Templates & Client Agreement Forms

Templates Business Bundles - Business Proposal Templates & Client Agreement Forms

Business Kitz business proposal templates & client agreement template bundles are designed to deliver easy-to-use frameworks across various different areas for your business. Our template bundles include, but are not limited to, an Advisory Board Kit, Tender Writing Kit, Bookkeeping and Accounting Kit and many more useful and practical suites of templates to help you navigate business matters with confidence.

Our templates are drafted by highly skilled solicitors and are simple frameworks made up of forms, documents, agreements and step-by-step guides to assist in running your business smoothly. Our template bundles also provide a cost-effective alternative to purchasing documents individually and they make legal compliance accessible. For example, the Business Kitz Bookkeeping and Accounting Kit includes various manual bookkeeping templates, such as an invoice and quotation template, and other DIY bookkeeping templates to assist you to autonomously manage aspects of your bookkeeping and accounting.

Our Advisory Board Kit includes numerous useful advisory board templates starting from an Engagement Letter Template, to an Advisory Board Agreement template, Agenda and many more important inclusions. If you are applying for a tender and are not sure where to begin, our Tender Writing Kit sets out a clear tender navigation process and has over 25 documents to guide and assist you in producing the best possible outcome.

Every template bundle is customisable and reusable, so you can continue to utilise and receive value from the documents for the lifetime of your business. Our template bundles address key commercial and legal concerns; aiding businesses in their legal compliance and the overall streamlining of their business requirements. Business Kitz offers a multitude of template bundles that provide a cost and time effective way to implement the required documentation for your business. Browse our range of template bundles below and find the right template bundle to suit your business needs today.

  • Easy to use
    Clear and comprehensive guidance notes.
  • Customisable
    Easily adapt templates to suit the needs of your business.
  • Comprehensive library¬†
    High quality and relevant collection of documents to engage an advisory board member.
  • Cost-effective
    High-quality and cost-effective advisory board kit templates.