Running a business can be tough, so we thought we’d make it a little easier. We’ve provided these free documents to assist you with some basic areas of business and also to give you a feel for our documents.

10 Essential Policies Checklist

Unsure of what business policies your business is missing? Our free 10 Essential Policies Checklist asks you a series of questions to help you determine which business policies your organisation may require.

Job Interview Questions Template

The Business Kitz Interview Questions have been developed by senior Human Resource professionals from top Australian organisations with in-depth hands-on recruitment and employee management experience. Use this free resource to know you are asking all of the essential questions when interviewing potential employees.

Contractor vs Employee Checklist

The distinction between an employee and a contractor is complex, yet critical for any business owner to understand. This checklist will assist you in determing whether your worker is a contractor or employee.

Protecting your Intellectual Property Checklist

This checklist aims to assist you in considering what aspects of your existing IP you may need to protect and also guides you on potential IP avenues that may be useful for your business.