Find your ABN: the simple tool making it easy

An Australian Business Number (ABN) is a unique, 11-digit number that allows your business to be identified when conducting daily business operations. An ABN does not replace a tax file number. This Business Kitz blog will provide you with the guidance you need to find your ABN.

How do you find your ABN?

The Australian Government has created this quick and easy tool to retrieve your ABN.

Simply enter your business name in the search bar, and browse through the results to retrieve your ABN.

You need to know how to find your ABN.

Why does my business need an ABN?

An Australian Business Number (ABN) is a single identification number which enables Australian businesses to deal with a range of government departments and agencies. An ABN makes it easier to keep track of business transactions for tax purposes, and is compulsory for businesses with a GST turnover of $75,000 or more.

It is not compulsory for a business with a GST turnover of less than $75,000 to have an ABN. However, there are strong reasons why they should. These include:

  • In order to claim GST credits for any GST you have paid for goods or services you may have used in your business, you need to have an ABN; and
  • If you don’t have an ABN, other businesses that conduct business deals with your business must withhold tax from any payments they make to you. 

How do I apply for an ABN?

You can register for an ABN via the Australian Business Register. Simply fill out this ABN Application Form and wait for your application to be successfully processed. 

Need Advice?

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