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Why do I need a trademark?

Why do I need a trademark? Intellectual property refers to your business’ intangible creations of human intellect. What does that actually mean? Your brand’s value will continue to grow as it becomes more recognisable to the public and your prospective clients. …

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How to choose the right accounting software for your business?

Today, businesses of all sizes use accounting software to keep track of their revenue and inventory, and forecast sales.  Key points to remember  There are many different accounting software providers that offer different features at different price points. There are industry …

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Time for a break? Managing overwork as a business owner

Due to stress and overwork, approximately a quarter of Australian small business owners have become ill, ultimately needing time off work and defeating the whole purpose of productivity. Most business owners find that they are so invested in their work that …

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When do I need a privacy policy for my business?

It is sometimes difficult to know when you need to implement a privacy policy in your business. When operating a business in Australia, you will inevitably collect, store and use information provided to you by your customers. This often includes potentially …


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