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A guide to small business grants in Queensland

Starting a small business can be an incredibly stressful and difficult process. A significant number of small businesses fail in the first few years of operating, due to a lack of market share, funding and growth. Fortunately, there are now a …

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5 ways that cryptocurrency can affect your business

With cryptocurrency becoming more prominent than ever before, here are five ways that the introduction and gradual mass implementation of cryptocurrency could impact your business.  Key takeaways Cryptocurrency has its own settlement network which is more efficient and streamlined, benefitting your …

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What is a company director liable for in Australia?

If you are the director of a company, it is important for you to be familiar with your duties and understand the legal obligations and the situations which could give rise to personal liability. As a director you should also be …

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What are a company’s obligations to its employees?

A company has a number of obligations towards its employees and these are enforceable by law. It is important to engage with employee’s to find their needs and wants, these should be adequately engaged with to ensure staff morale is maintained …

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Why do I need a trademark?

Why do I need a trademark? Intellectual property refers to your business’ intangible creations of human intellect. What does that actually mean? Your brand’s value will continue to grow as it becomes more recognisable to the public and your prospective clients. …


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