Our Easy Guide to Understanding APRA AMCOS in the Music Industry

APRA AMCOS is an Australian organisation that represents songwriters, composers, and music publishers. It stands for the Australasian Performing Right Association and the Australasian Mechanical Copyright Owners Society. APRA AMCOS works to ensure that music creators receive fair payment for their work. They play a significant role in promoting music in Australian popular culture. In this Business Kitz blog, we will explain more about what APRA AMCOS’s responsibilities consist of and how benefits they benefit business owners.

What is APRA?

APRA AMCOS is a music rights management organisation based in Australia and New Zealand. It represents over 110,000 members who are songwriters, composers, and music publishers. They are responsible for collecting and distributing royalties for the use of music in various ways, including broadcasting, streaming, and live performance. APRA AMCOS also provides support and services to its members, such as education, advocacy, and access to funding opportunities. It plays a crucial role in the music industry by ensuring that creators are fairly compensated for their work, while assisting in promoting a sustainable and vibrant music culture in Australia and New Zealand.

What are the benefits of APRA for a business?

APRA AMCOS is a non-profit organization that provides music licensing services for businesses. By obtaining a license from APRA AMCOS, businesses can legally use music in their operations. Having a licence entitles business owners to range of benefits, including:

  1. Legal compliance: Businesses are able to avoid potential legal issues associated with using copyright music
  2. Wide range of music: APRA AMCOS has a vast music library that businesses can access, which provides them with a variety of options to choose from.
  3. Enhances customer experience: Music has been proven to enhance the customer experience, and by having a license, businesses can create a more enjoyable atmosphere for their customers.
  4. Supports music industry: By paying licensing fees, businesses support the music industry and contribute to the creation of new music.
  5. Marketing opportunities: Using music can be a valuable marketing tool for businesses, and having a license from APRA AMCOS allows them to use popular songs in their promotions.

What’s an example of a business that would benefit from a license distributed by APRA?

Almost all businesses would benefit from a license distributed by APRA if they wished to play or use music in their business. For example, a restaurant owner would want to have their business registered with APRA AMCOS to ensure they are legally licensed to play music at their establishment.

Restaurant with APRA AMCOS music in the background

Legal Advice

If you are unsure about how to register your business with APRA, you may wish to seek further advice. Our sister company, Legal Kitz, can assist with ensuring that your concerns are addressed, and can provide you with advice that is tailored to your situation. You can book a free 30-minute consultation with our experienced and highly qualified team via our website now.

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