About us

Our story

Business Kitz was founded by a group of lawyers, accountants and human resource professionals who noticed most Australian business owners end up in legal disputes, or face an array of business issues, as they do not have reliable business agreements, forms, policies and procedures in place, or access to educational resources, to help equip them with what they need to meet Australian business standards. Most Australian businesses go without the required agreements, forms, policies and procedures as:

  1. They are not sure who to trust.
  2. They cannot afford to purchase all that is required so they avoid consulting high-quality professionals.
  3. They do not understand the legal and accounting basics.

As Business Kitz owns an extensive library of template resources, you are likely to end up paying a fraction of the cost you would generally need to pay other professionals, all without compromising on quality. The solicitors, accountants and human resource professionals who write our documents take their time to ensure all of our documents are up to date and cover nearly all business and legal issues necessary.

Although Business Kitz’ resources are very comprehensive, Business Kitz has partnered with Australian law firm Legal Kitz Pty Ltd to provide legal advice to any of our customers that are requiring additional support.

To understand and meet the needs of your business, we will take you through the simple process below:

  1. Understand where you business is at and any issues you are facing to then Identify the right template(s) for your business.
  2. Speak with you about what is included in the template and decide if legal (or accounting) services are necessary.
  3. Provide you a fixed fee quote to tailor our resources (if necessary). Note most small to medium Australian businesses often do not require adjustment to our templates.
  4. Provide you with any support you need to manage the documents moving forward (a standard law firm does not provide this support).

All of our products are easy to use, high-quality and comprehensive with detailed guidance notes and helpful tips throughout.

Contact us directly to find out how we can help your business today.

Our promise

Trustworthy, reliable, comprehensive

All documents are tried and tested by hundreds of Australian businesses with no complaints received. We take time to ensure all of our documents are of the highest quality with multiple reviews undertaken by various lawyers and accountants. We invite you to find an error in any of our documents. 


We want happy customers so we provide a money-back-guarantee after receiving your first document.

Written by highly qualified Australian solicitors and accountants

All of our products are written by highly qualified Australian solicitors and accountants with experience working at mid-top tier accounting and law firms.