A Simple Employer’s Guide To a Permanent Part-Time Job

Before you go ahead and sign a contract, it is important to educate yourself on the different types of contracts and what they mean to make sure you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into. In this Business Kitz blog we will explore what a permanent part time job entails. 

What Is A Permanent Part Time Job?

The permanent part-time definition encompasses an employee who works less than 38-hours a week but on a regular/ongoing basis. A permanent part-time example means that your term of employment is fixed. Generally, the salary of a permanent part time employee is also fixed based on the agreement prior to signing a contract. For more information, read our blog on part-time work.

Can you be fired on a permanent part time contract?

Permanent part time workers are required to provide a notice period prior to contract termination. This also applies to employers who are obligated to provide employees with a written notice of termination. Based on pro-rata, employees are entitled to sick leaves and paid holidays. In addition, employees are also to be paid during public holidays which differs from casual employment. Ensuring that your contract covers all these complex grounds can be challenging. Business Kitz provides employment contracts to leave the guesswork out of making a contract, and completes the hard work for you. 

Employees are entitled to file for a wrongful termination claim if they believe there are grounds to cover this. Therefore, organisations must ensure that they are adhering to the laws set in place, and be aware that these laws may differ state to state. Failing to adhere to the regulations set could result in legal disputes that are costly.

Are there any benefits to working a permanent part-time job?

Based on your location, you may be eligible for a long service leave after working for seven years within the same organisation. 

What’s more, under the thousand-hour rule, employees who meet the hourly requirements are subject to the same pension benefits as full-term employees, provided they complete the thousand hours within a twelve month period. This gives employees the opportunity to make personal decisions about how they wish to balance their professional and personal life, without having to sacrifice any benefits. This also increases the likelihood of employees staying committed to an organisation for a much longer time.

Are there any cons?

Unfortunately, employees under a permanent-part time contact are not eligible for health insurance under company sponsorship. This may pose as a negative when deciding whether a part-time job is the best decision for them. Employees will then have to arrange their own health insurance which may be extremely expensive. Therefore, it is essential to have the most accurate information before implementing contracts.

If you are unsure of how to do this, Legal Kitz, our sister company provides legal advice to ensure that you fully understand the legalities behind running your business and hiring employees. The decision to move forward with a casual or permanent part-time job can be entirely personal and the ability to integrate this can depend from career to career. Based on organisational structure, the benefits and limitations may vary between each organisation.

Can you quit a permanent part-time job?

The short answer is yes, you can quit a permanent part-time job. Notwithstanding, you must provide notice to your employer, with the notice period generally being found in your employment contract.

Are there permanent part time jobs near me?

We recommend checking employment websites such as Seek, Indeed or Linkedin to find permanent part-time jobs near you.

Are your employee agreements in order?

Save your company thousands in legal fees with our Australian Employment Agreement Templates drafted by top-tier Australian lawyers.

Legal advice

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