6 inspiring business podcasts for practical entrepreneurial advice

It’s no secret that running a business can be hard. During busy periods of operations, attending conferences or seminars to get industry expertise and insight is challenging. That’s where business podcasts come in. These podcasts are available on all major podcasting platforms such as Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts. They range from listening to large scale business ideas or inspiration for your morning commute. It’s easy to fit an episode of a podcast into a busy schedule during your lunch break or when you complete your morning routine to get useful tips from business leaders. These are the podcasts that we are listening to and cannot stop talking about.

Top 6 business podcasts for small business owners

The GaryVee Audio Experience

Entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk highlights marketing, business and entrepreneurship ideas, combining candid conversations with practical insights. The podcast is sure to give you some a-ha moments and definitely will get your business and attitude on the right track to succeed. A must listen for everyday people that will teach you raw lessons and make you rush to change your business approach. 

Seize the Yay

In this podcast, lawyer turned entrepreneur, Sarah Davidson interviews a wide variety of guests, many of who are entrepreneurs in different industries. These jam-packed episodes feature different business owners and their individual journeys to where they are now, revealing invaluable advice to build a sustainable career. Guests share what passions they hold, what drives them to keep going and how they continue to scale their businesses and build relationships along the way. An easy and enjoyable listen to leave you with gold nuggets of wisdom straight from the heart.

How I built this

Guz Raz, a former freelance reporter turned NPR’s Berlin Bureau Chief, sheds light on how the world’s largest corporations were born. Nothing is left out as business founder interviewees discuss their inspiration to start a business, and the blood, sweat and tears it took to achieve success. Chatting with the CEO’s of LinkedIn, Instagram, Ben & Jerry’s and Buzzfeed about their business journeys, beginnings, failures and successes humanises these leading business figures and provides us with an insight into their lives as people. 

Lady Startup Stories

Lady Startup Stories is a podcast created by Mamamia to amplify the voices of Australian startup founders. It is a particularly valuable listen to learn practical lessons on how to start a business, navigate barriers along the way, and how to break into the Australian and international startup landscape. Listen as successful entrepreneurs share stories of their mistakes, line in the sand moments, greatest innovative discoveries, gritty and raw personal and relational challenges, success and failures in these bite-sized episodes all under an hour. This podcast humanises founders and executives and is inspiring for those undertaking their own rollercoaster business journeys.

The Millennial Entrepreneur

This is a podcast hosted by Sina Sadrzadeh that features interviews with inspiring young entrepreneurs around the world. Each interviewee shares their own personal entrepreneurial journey in a short and sharp, bite-sized, 20-30 minute episode on how they transformed their challenges into success. The podcast follows entrepreneurs that are rapidly scaling their business models, using technology to close gaps in various industries, fighting against environmentally damaging production systems and unethical labour usage, finding alternative income streams, as well as offering helpful tips on user profiling and product creation. The short, easily-consumable format and actionable steps will breathe life into your growing business and guide you towards financial and lifestyle freedom.

Mixergy – Startup Stories 

The real stories behind the origins of startups are revealed by Andrew Warner’s challenging questions. Down-to-earth and casual interviews with startup founders are relatable and inspiring to those who wish to overcome their own business challenges. The wide range of interviewees such as the people behind League of Legends or Airbnb allows us to explore questions that many business owners deal with; from creating more exciting content to deciding if an idea is worth pursuing or not. This podcast leaves you satisfied and excited for more and usefully provides transcripts which allow for revisiting or researching key moments.

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