5 Tips for Interviewing Job Candidates

Here are our five best tips for interviewing potential job candidates:

1. Be prepared

Have a clear understanding of what your business is looking for. Compile a list of desirable characteristics and skills that the business is searching for in a candidate. Prepare a detailed list of comprehensive interview questions and rate the potential employee against each metric. Ensure you carefully read the employee’s application prior to the interview (not during the interview). Questions will likely come to mind during your review, include these in the employee’s interview questions.

2. Ask for real life examples

Ask the candidate experience-based questions to gain a better understanding of their situational behaviour. Encouraging them to give examples from their past will assist you in evaluating how they will act in the future.

3. Ask open-ended questions

Ask open-ended questions to garner more detail and insight from the candidate. Including who, where, why, how, what, when and tell questions will provide you with a better idea of the candidate’s characteristics. An example question of this style would be; “Tell me about a time when you’ve had a difficult client. How did you deal with the situation?” These questions should aim to align with the desirable skills and characteristics list prepared before the interview.

4. Carefully observe the candidate

Don’t talk too much. Allow the candidate the opportunity to respond. Watch out for both non-verbal and verbal responses. Ask yourself – does the candidate appear to be comfortable? Are they providing honest and balanced responses? Evaluate if the candidate is aware of their own weaknesses and isn’t “over-selling” themselves.

5. Consider conducting multiple interviews

It is easy to be enthusiastic when first meeting or interviewing a candidate. Consider conducting multiple interviews with multiple interviewers to gain a balanced view.

Did you find these tips helpful? Are you looking for more information to improve your workplace’s ability to interview potential job candidates? Business Kitz provides a comprehensive Employee Interview Template with a suggested format to conduct interviews as part of our Recruitment Kit and Human Resource Library.

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