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18 of The Best Virtual Office Software Your Remote Teams Need In 2022

19/11/2021 by
The Marketing Team
As technology continues to evolve, the way we work is transforming. Gone are the days of having to commute or be cooped up in an office for 8 hours a day. Software like Zoom and Notion have made it possible for any job that can be done at a desk to be performed remotely from […]
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As technology continues to evolve, the way we work is transforming. Gone are the days of having to commute or be cooped up in an office for 8 hours a day. Software like Zoom and Notion have made it possible for any job that can be done at a desk to be performed remotely from anywhere around the world. With this new-found freedom, companies need to decide whether they're ready to take on remote workers or not. In this article, we will discuss 18 best virtual office software tools that will help you operate your business remotely with ease!

But first...

Why should businesses go remote?

Offering employees the ability to work remotely reduces waste and cuts costs for companies. Employees also benefit from less time commuting and increased productivity, which makes them happier in their jobs. This is great news for workers everywhere!

It's clear that having remote employees has its benefits. But what about trust? How can you trust employees to work remotely when they might be sitting on the beach instead of working?

The truth is, remote workers are just as productive (if not more) than their office-bound counterparts. Companies that embrace this idea see an increase in productivity and revenue, proving that it's time for companies everywhere to go remote!

Below, we've compiled a list of the top virtual software tools that will make it easy for you to go remote. Some are free while others require an investment; but all will help your business run without having to be tied down by location.

What's more, these tools work together seamlessly so that no matter where your team members are, they can work together on projects and communicate easily. So without further ado:

Top 18 virtual software tools for operating a remote business effectively

  1. Zoom - Zoom is a popular video conferencing tool that's great for businesses both small and large to communicate with each other when working remotely. It has its own app which can be downloaded on all devices so you won't need any expensive hardware or software - it works right out of the box! Collaborate on projects with video conferencing, screen sharing and even webinars.
  2. Notion - This is an online office suite similar to Google Docs which supports real time collaboration within teams. You can create documents collaboratively or utilise it as a knowledge base repository where all team members have access to updates anytime they are made.
  3. AirTable - Organize your projects and data by creating custom tables. You can make lists, forms or even charts to help you understand the information better. AirTable comes with a huge number of features like the ability to create relationships between data, pivot tables and custom security.
  4. Toggl - Track time spent on specific tasks with this app. It has a timer tool which will show how much time is being used for every task that's running right now - a great way to make sure your employees are staying productive.
  5. Slack - Communication is key in any remote business, and Slack makes it easy for teams to communicate on a number of different channels including direct messages or group chats depending on what you need. You can even add apps from other services like Google Drive into the app which will help you organise your work.
  6. Trello - This is an app that can be used to manage projects and tasks on a board where you, as well as other team members, can post comments and attach files. You'll find this especially useful if one of your employees is out of the office for some time - they won't miss anything because every update will appear in their notifications so it's easy for them to catch up when they return.
  7. Google Hangouts - Similar to Zoom but with more features such as file sharing and screen capture tools, which make collaboration even easier than before! It also supports group video chats which are perfect for those all hands on deck meetings everyone looks forward to.
  8. OmniGraffle - Use this tool to create professional diagrams, charts and images that will help you explain complex topics quickly to anyone on your team. If there are any updates, they'll receive a notification which means no one misses out on anything important!
  9. HiveDesk - This app is an efficient solution for remote teams who need to track their hours spent working on projects. This is especially useful if you have a team that's spread across different time zones and you need to monitor their progress.
  10. Zoho - This is an office suite similar to Google Docs which can be used along with apps like Zoho Projects (formerly known as YouTrack) for project management, communication tools such as Chat and Calendar, or even a CRM application called SalesIQ where your sales teams can track leads from start to finish. It also has its own mobile app so if someone leaves the laptop at home they'll still be able to access all of this information on-the-go!
  11. Basecamp - Use Basecamp for organising projects into separate groups depending on what department each one falls under; it will make communication easier when everyone knows who handles what! You can also use the 'To-Dos' section to track everything that needs your team's attention.
  12. Google Drive - This is one of Google's core office products which you'll find yourself using on a daily basis if you're working remotely because it has almost every file type under the sun! You can store files, create folders and even share them with the rest of your remote team in order for everyone to stay up to date with what they need at all times.
  13. Zapier - Use Zapier as an automation tool by creating tasks such as syncing data from different apps into spreadsheets or task managers like Trello; this means when something changes in one place (e.g., project status), it will trigger another action (e.g., updating the status in a different app) which will save you time and effort when trying to keep track of everything that's going on at any given moment!
  14. Checkvist - This app is a task manager and list making tool. It has support for images which makes it easy to insert images from the web without having to download them first! As well as this, Checkvist also allows real time collaboration which means your team members will always know what is happening with each project. This means no more missed updates or last minute changes because someone forgot they were in charge of something important!
  15. Amazon Web Services - AWS is a cloud computing platform that allows you to store data and run applications all from the web. It's perfect for developers who want an environment where they can host their apps without having to buy any extra equipment or worry about hosting costs. Amazon provides easy access to scalable resources, strong security protocols and high performance.
  16. Google Docs - With Google Docs, you can create files collaboratively in real time, which makes working on projects much easier when everyone's using the same documents at once. These apps give you and anyone else working remotely for your business the ability to create or edit documents together. You can even store all files within one place, which makes it easy to share ideas with everyone else!
  17. Tandem - A new player in the collaboration apps space, Tandem has made some big waves since its launch last year. The key differences between it and other collaboration tools are that you can create chat rooms based around certain topics or themes, making them great for facilitating cross functional teams across departments like marketing and sales.
  18. Graphy - Graphy is an app that enables data collaboration in a visual, fun and flexible way. It's perfect for any business where teamwork or interdepartmental communication is essential as it allows you to create a project with multiple team members all working on the same task simultaneously. You can use their templates together or upload your own to get started quickly.

This is not a definitive list. There are plenty of other virtual software tools that can help you run your remote business. Try experimenting with as many useful ones, then choosing whichever works best for you.

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