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Business Kitz provides high quality, comprehensive and easy-to-use agreement templates, forms and educational resources which are carefully prepared by Australian legal and accounting professionals.

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1. Select the right document

Find the document you need from our comprehensive library of over 700 contract agreement templates, policies and forms. Can’t find what you are looking for on our website? Give us a call on 1300 988 954.

2. Receive your document

Your document will be emailed to you. Each document includes comprehensive guidance notes and is very easy to complete.

3. Consultation included

Each document includes a 15-minute phone consultation so you can ensure you know how to best utilise the document. If you require advice for a solicitor, we will provide that to you in consultation with Legal Kitz Pty Ltd.

Our promise

Trustworthy, reliable, comprehensive

All documents are tried and tested by hundreds of Australian businesses with no complaints received. We take time to ensure all of our documents are of the highest quality with multiple reviews undertaken by various lawyers and accountants. We invite you to find an error in any of our documents. 

Written by highly qualified Australian solicitors and accountants

All of our products are written by highly qualified Australian solicitors and accountants with experience working at mid-top tier accounting and law firms.

100% money-back-guarantee

Worried about choosing the right document, or concerned the documents will not be high quality? We know our documents are the highest quality templates available on the Australian market. Similar documents of this quality are normally sold for x 10 the price by legal and accounting professionals. If you are not satisfied within 48 hours of receiving your document, we will provide you with a 100% refund.

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